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aggadah is one person

I've always been influenced by the duality of short, simple and sweet, alongside with the complex, the intricate, and the unkown. Simple, droney, some times groovy (but always heavy) wall of guitars are combined with progressive, hardcore and doom style drumming.


Nashá is a concept album about the “true” origins of Lucifer: a bastardization of stories of Sumerian and Asyran Goddesses that were, through time, contorted to fit within a Christian paradigm.


Confessions is a concept album about the final days of Saint Augustine of Hippo as his city was laid siege by the Vandals while slowly dying of an illness in August of 430 A.D. It was inspired by his famous writing of the same title.


Both albums "Nashá" (2018) and "Confessions" (2021) were recorded by Andy Patterson at The Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, and I would like to give him a huge thank you for helping me see this first record to completion. Nashá features guitars run through a Sunn Model T amp, and my bass was supported by Hex Cabinets (custom made in SLC by the folks in Eagle Twin). Guitars on Confessions were ran through a Fender Twin Reverb and a Sunn Solarus combo.


Thank you for giving a listen and reading my words and for (maybe?) giving a shit. It means the world to me.


Reviews: "Hey Mikey, this doesn't suck" - girl in my ceramics class.

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