aggadah is one person

I've always been influenced by the duality of short, simple and sweet, alongside with the complex, the intricate, and the unkown. Simple, droney, some times groovy (but always heavy) wall of guitars are combined with progressive, hardcore and doom style drumming. Chanting incantations from the book of the dead accompanied with screaming lyrics that tell the true origin story of Lucifer. Every instrument, lyric and note sung came from myself (guitar, bass, synth, drums, vocals).


The album was recorded by Andy Patterson at The Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, and I would like to give him a huge thank you for helping me see this first record to completion.The album features guitars run through a Sunn Model T amp, and my bass was supported by Hex Cabinets (custom made in SLC by the folks in Eagle Twin).


Also, for anyone who is truly interested: I never intended this to be a solo project. If you're a musician and like what i've put out into the void, please get in contact with me. No bullshit, seriously- get in contact with me if you're anywhere near Salt Lake City, Utah (I will be happy to relocate once i'm done with my undergraduate degree). Hey, AL CISNEROS, I have loved SLEEP for years, but I absolutely worship every Om record you've made. I would love to be your drummer- like for real. Thank you for giving a listen and reading my words and for (maybe?) giving a shit. It means the world to me.


Reviews: "Hey Mikey, this doesn't suck" - girl in my ceramics class.


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